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My wife contacted what we thought was the legitimate NJ animal control but she contacted this company accidentally.He guy came out and walked around the house to look at my issue (squirrel in the roof).

Afterwards, he told me that is costs $125 for the 'survey'. Since my wife made the appointment, I assumed that he disclosed a cost prior but he did not. He came to my property appearing as if he was working officially through the state.

This company is a fraud and I don't want anyone else being taken by this kind of tactics.Please steer clear of this company and ask questions prior to anyone showing up.

Review about: Animal Removal.


Medford, New Jersey, United States #668368

As a representative for NJAC, I want to comment on the above review.NJAC in no way misrepresents itself as part of the State of New Jersey.

Our website clearly states we are an LLC, and that we are certified by the State as an Animal Control Officer. All ACOs in the State of NJ must go through rigorous training & certification, and most work in the private sector or are hired at the county or township level. In most cases, an inspection of your property is needed in order to determine the best course of action. Removal of an animal is only one piece of the puzzle.

You need to understand what type of animal it is, how it is entering your home, and if it has done any damage to your property. If you do not mitigate the issue, the animals will return. This normally cannot be done via the phone--we would be doing you a disservice as a property owner, and as our customer. In the case above, an inspection and plan for resolving the animal issue was provided to this customer on-site.

Scheduling and a written estimate for remediation was underway, but was cancelled by the customer's spouse.

However, services were rendered at this property and they are currently in collections.

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